Inspiring Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety



Because a pedestrian is injured every 8 minutes or killed every 113 minutes.


There are lots of options - Google hIgh vIs clothing, reflective clothing and accessories. Check out Amazon, Etsy. These vests are .99 at the 99 Cents Store or .65 purchased in bulk. 

Because you can't be seen. Even if you think you can.


This is what it looks like when a guy in a dark suit is about to cross at night on Pico Blvd. He's even less visible on side streets where the street lights are dimmer. 

My hit and run CAN save your life. Follow these 4 steps now.


Read my Jewish Journal article, "My Hit And Run Could Save Your Life"

"To Save One Life Is To Save An Entire World" - Talmud


 This is what the Talmud teaches us. And it's so simple, so inexpensive. And It's our responsibility.  

How Many Kids Do You See Here? There are 6!!!! Watch this video!


There are six kids in the middle of the street and this is what it would like to you from 250 away.  Watch video and see how close you have to be to see a white t-shirt!! 

Consumer Reports: Best Reflective Clothing Review


Wearing something reflective is better than nothing... But it should be visible from the front and back, and from the waist up

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Our Team. Our Mission.

Our Team

"Our Team" is YOU and me. 

It's the the community, schools, parents, the State Legislature. 

It's volunteers and donors. 

It's an advisory board in the works. 

It's Greg Yaris and his anonymous,  hero donors who stepped up in just 2 hours to provide funds for 3,000 safety vests for The Shavuot Project. 

It's Rabbi Zvi Boyarsky from the Aleph Institute who is always helping me quietly behind the scenes.  

It's every person in Pico-Robertson who has the courage to wear a safety vest even if they feel like glowing florescent yellow or orange is embarrassing but does it anyway. 

Join our team! Volunteer! You have unique skills, a unique way to contribute.  Your involvement matters. Save lives with us!

Our Mission


  • to save lives by inspiring pedestrian safety, 
  • to continue to distribute safety vests
  • to raise awareness to the very real traffic danger in our communities
  • to empower local legislature with fiscal autonomy in order to implement solutions to traffic dangers in an immediate and timely way
  • to bring age-appropriate pedestrian and bicycle safety education to schools with art projects

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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