Inspiring Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety

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Distributing Safety Vests

It started with passing out one vest at a time - then jumped to 3,000 all at once on Shavuot! And, we've really only just begun!  We've got a lot of work to do!!! Our goal is to make reflective gear mainstream - the new "is".  

And it doesn't have top be these vests - there are many reflective/high vis options available on the internet - google, check out Amazon and Etsy. 


Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Education In Schools

 My vision is to turn the safety vests into an art project so each child can decorate one and then receive a plain one for a parent.

For young kids, I’m imagining making them “Safety Superheroes” and turning the vests into capes and creating a head band or something like that!!  I’m also looking into ordering “Safety Superhero” badges! 

I’d love to discuss this with you and teachers who might want to support this idea.


Got An Idea?

Pedestrian Safety is a huge problem with lots of different solutions. Let's work together!